New Refurbishment Section On Our Website

29th April 2019

We have launched a new section on our website, dedicated to the refurbishment of legacy Ultrasonic NDT equipment!

For years Sercal have been refurbishing Ultrasonic equipment for our existing customer base and now it is time to extend this service out to the wider NDT community. If you want to breath new life into old equipment or if you’re buying new and want to get some value from your old equipment then visit our new page, using the link below and see just how we could help.

Just because equipment is old, does not means it has no value!

We have several options available to gain some value out of your legacy equipment. It is our aim to be as open and honest as possible and help you too extract that last bit of value from your equipment.

Whichever path that takes, Sercal will endeavor to help.

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