Magnifi is the most comprehensive, stable, and reliable acquisition and analysis software for multi-technology surface and tube inspections.

Magnifi features a setup wizard that can have you up and running for your type of inspection and probe in just a few simple steps.

Data analysis has also never been faster or more precise with the help of automatic landmark detection and unique advanced sizing curves that can be displayed in terms of percentages (of loss or remaining), various units of measurement, and custom units of measurement calibrated by operators.

Magnifi also offers live IRIS A-scans and C-scans, as well as other typical views, and on-the-fly reporting based on the encoder, which means you do not have to stop scanning to report a defect.

Remote-field testing is made easier with Magnifi by way of the voltage plane. It is now very easy to identify changes in material properties, compensate for these changes, and track compensations through time, which make scan data much easier to analyze and reduce potential sizing errors.

Magnifi can drive the Ectane ®, the Ectane 2, the TC7700, and the MS5800, as well as read most data files acquired with the MS5800 and TC instruments. It can also read most setup files created with ECVision, EddyView, and MultiView. That makes switching from older, less advanced acquisition and analysis software a breeze.

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    BINDT Aerospace Event

    11th - 12th April 2018

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  • 26/09/2017

    Sercal is delighted to be exhibiting at this years Advanced Engineering exhibition, in Birmingham on the 1 and 2 November

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  • 17/11/2017

    Sercal’s Sales & Business Development Manager, Matt Day and Oceanscan’s NDT Sales Manager, Andy Myles, are currently in La Flèche, France visiting our colleagues from SREM Technologies.

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  • 01/11/2017

    We are all set up and on Stand G30 at Advanced Engineering exhibition, we have a range or kit on display from SREM paints to the latest Olympus Vanta scanners and much, much more.

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