FLIR Systems presents the ThermaCAM P620, your access to the world of 640 x 480 pixel resolution. FLIR Systems ThermaCAM P620 is an affordable, easy-to-use infrared camera that delivers accurate temperature measurement in all kind of industrial environments. This makes the P620 an ideal solution for cost-effective and efcient predictive maintenance programs.

• 640x480 high resolution images
• high thermal sensitivity 0.06 C
• Ergonomic and rugged
• High accuracy
• Voice and text annotation of images

Voice Annotation with Each Image
The P620 allows the operator to record a full 30 seconds of digital voice that is automaticallystored with each IR image.ThermaCAM Reporter 8 Software
Images are easily downloaded and analysed using ThermaCAM Reporter 8 software.
Built-in video light
Allows you to make clear visual images evenin the darkest environments.
Large, bright LCD screen
The large 5.6” size foldable LCD screen allows you to see the smallest of details and temperature differences.
Multi-angle handle with integrated direct access buttons
A turnable control grip allows you to move the camera into the most comfortable user position. The buttons and joystick to control the camera are integrated in this handle and stay always right underneath your ngertips. A few buttons and a joystick control the entire ThermaCAM P620 and allow pointand- shoot operation. Functions like autofocus, freezing and storing of images are just a button away.
Programmable direct access buttons
For increased exibility the operator can program buttons located on the side of the ThermaCAM P620. Change colour palettes; emissivity settings or temperature ranges; activate analysis tools such as spots and areas - all at the touch of a button.
Flexible interfaces
A conveniently located button activates the laser pointer that will help you to associate the hot spot in the infrared image with the real physical target in the eld.
Laser pointer
A conveniently located button activates the laser pointer that will help you to associate the hot spot in the infrared image with the real physical target in the eld.
Storage possibility
JPEG images can be stored on a removable SD card. Thousands of images can be easily stored on a high capacity SD card. Two SDCard slots are available.
Easy connectivity
USB connection allows an easy download of full radiometric 14-bit JPEG images to your PC. Non-radiometric MPEG video imagery streaming to the PC is also provided.
Text comments can be uploaded to the camera through an IrDa interface. A headset can be connected for voice annotations. 
Intelligent battery system
The Li-Ion battery of the ThermaCAM P620 gives the user an inspection autonomy of over 3 hours. The battery can be charged while still in the camera, in a 2-bay charger or in a car, on the way to your next job.

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