As well as the functional advantages, there are financial benefits to be considered when deciding for the VISIO PRIME. Costs for a video endoscope are related to the purchase of the instrumentation as well as cost to run and maintain such equipment. With the special four layer insertion tube construction and the robust tungsten outer braid your instrument is well protected against damage. Additional design considerations such as using a long life LED illumination adds additional strength reducing the cost of ownership.

Focus and illumination challenges like a steam trap inspection are quickly solved by the “EasyFocus“ optical system in combination with the high power LED fibre hybrid illumination. Best image results at any distance and in dark cavities. Inspecting a big vessel will require a different focus setting than searching for corrosion in a small pipe. These applications can not be covered by cheap fix focus systems. With the “EasyFocus” optical systemall applications can be covered without the need of limiting and expensive optical adapters.

Sometimes, although you may need it, there is little space to bring a video endoscope for inspection.VISIO PRIME Inspector will offer you all the advantages of a highly mobil professional video endoscope system at a very economic price. Battery driven with just 6mm working diameter and the all way articulation camera head VISION PRIME Inspector will give you full flexibility to quickly inspect the most remoteand complex structures.

The strong LED fiber hybrid illumination will bring light into even the darkest cavity that needs to be looked into.With the unique “Easy Focus” optical system you achieve excellent focused images at any distance. Your application requirements are solved, whether inspecting small diameterpipes or looking into big steamtraps. They can all be covered, without the limitations of other typically fixed focus systems with expensive optical adapters. VISIO PRIME's "Easy Focus"allows you step-less focussing, securing best image quality and detail presentation.

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