The Olympus COBRA, a new manual scanner specifically designed to inspect welds in small diameter pipes. The COBRA is used with the OmniScan® MX Phased Array flaw detector with the 16:128 module, to provide an economical and portable weld inspection solution.

With its very slim design, this manual scanner inspects pipes in limited access areas where minimal clearance is required. Adjacent obstructions such as piping, supports,and structures can be as close as 12mm (0.5 in.).

This spring-loaded scanner is designed to hold onto carbon steel and stainless steel pipes of different diameters. The COBRA scanner is characterized by its smooth-rolling encoded movement enabling precise data acquisition.

The scanner can hold two phased array probes for a complete inspection of the weld in one pass. For pipe-to-component inspections, it can be configured to make one-sided inspections with one probe.

This Olympus solution uses low-profile phased array probes with optimized elevation focusing, which improves the detection of small defects in thin-wall pipes. Specially designed low-profile wedges that fit each pipe diameter covered by the scanner, are also offered to complete the solution. The COBRA scanner ensures stable, constant,and strong pressure thus providing good UT signals and precise encoding around the full circumference of the pipe. This complete solution package is small and lightweight for easy transport. The scanner is also waterproof, rust-free, and CE compliant.

The scanner is supplied for use on single and double welds from 0.8" to 4.5".

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